Laterlite finalizes acquisition of Ruregold

Laterlite announces that it has signed an agreement for the acquisition of 100% of Ruregold, a branch of a company specialized in reinforcing concrete and masonry structures.
The operation is part of the development and expansion process already started by Laterlite, which in 2016 established a partnership with Gras Calce to integrate complementary business areas in the building materials sector. Ruregold will remain an independent company, in respect to its consolidated know-how for high added value technical solutions, with focus on the composite materials of distinction FRCM (Fiber Reinforced Cementitious Matrix) for which it was the first Italian company to have obtained the international certification ICC-ES. With the acquisition of Ruregold, Laterlite will put into effect a series of management and market synergies, both in Italy and abroad, with a special view to further strengthening brands: especially new products for structural reinforcement will become part of the Laterlite product range, thus expanding the offering, and Ruregold will benefit from Laterlite’s strong and widespread distribution network. This will result in a consolidation of the skills of each company and an even stronger technical specialization that will further improve and benefit our service for project design and market distribution, to meet the growing market needs in the building renovation and infrastructure maintenance sectors, as well as those for major projects. Both companies express their satisfaction with the final agreement and are committed to supporting, as best possible, the integration of activities and resources, respecting the identity of Ruregold, which has always been recognized as an example of excellence, in research and development of highly technical and innovative, value added products. The Laterlite Group, with Laterlite, LecaSistemi, the associated company Gras Calce and now also Ruregold is a clear sign of the desire to expand and strengthen its range of technical solutions for the building sector, confirming its vocation as an all-round partner in sustainable construction and renovation projects. Milano,

13 February 2019